I’m still working on an overview of Futurnomics. But, back in the day this class was called New Institutional Economics. So, while you wait on me to finish the overview, enjoy these student testimonials:

After finishing my undergrad, I went on to grad school… twice. It follows I’ve taken my fair share of classes. And yet, Dr. Humphrey’s N.I.E. course is honest-to-god one of the only classes I still remember with crystal clear accuracy. The content is mind-blowing.”

– Sean Slattery (’10)

New Institutional Economics (NIE) changed the way that I think. It introduced me to a new field of study and profession that I would never have otherwise considered. I had always intended to work in international development, but because of my experience in the NIE course, I chose to do so through the legal profession. If you are interested in working in international development, an understanding of NIE is essential.”

 Nicole Cochran (’13)

NIE is not your run of the mill economics class. It’s a biology class in which the organism being dissected is society itself. It’s a psychology class in which your subject is the fundamental guiding principles of the human psyche. It’s a philosophy class in which every thought experiment you thought you understood gets flipped on its head and shifts your paradigm closer to truth. It’s an economic class in which the stakes are real and the outcome is an ability to navigate the murky waters of societal constructs with more than mere gut reactions. It’s challenging, eye-opening and beyond rewarding.” 

– Stephanie Hough (’15)

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